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Cockroaches Cape Town

Cockroaches Hout BayGerman Cockroach – We get rid of them completely, our service is safe and odourless, we apply various professional Cockroach baits strategically in all appliances and cupboards. The roach finds this bait irresistible and they need to eat it. The cockroach then spreads the infection he gets through out the colony, eradicating all of them – the secret to a perfect eradication is to make sure the last one dies, the Material is 99 percent natural and is safe for babies and pets, we offer guarantees of up to 1 year (conditions apply) Perfect Cockroach Eradication achieved.


Hout Bay Cockroaches : American Cockroach – The big flying “Land Prawn” as it is affectionately known by Capetonians is controlled by using a natural pesticide harvested from the chrysanthemum flower head. This pesticide is a slow release suspended concentration which means it has a long lasting  residual value. The service is safe and odourless and comes with a 6 month guarantee. Perfect Cockroach Eradication achieved.



Cockroaches Cape TownHout BayOriental Cockroach The oriental is usually black and their shape varies from elongated to round resembling a beetle . We find these cockroaches start manifesting themselves more prolifically near the end of winter through spring. They are more docile than other species, however they could soon explode in numbers and make life uneasy. The entire house gets treated in strategic areas especially the ceiling where one often finds them breading. Totally odourless and safe, Guaranteed for 6 months. Perfect Cockroach Eradication achieved.


Hout Bay Cockroach Control Specialists – Controlling Cockroaches around Hout Bay And Surrounds.

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No Unpacking – No Vacating – Under 1 Hour Service

100% Perfect Eradication


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